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About us

CHH is a non-profit therapeutic riding and horsemanship program that operates at Windy Way Horses, llc. at 6836 East New Market-Ellwood Road, Hurlock MD.  Our organization utilizes support from the community in order to serve local children and adults with special abilities, needs, and gifts, as well as individuals and families that are battling or have survived cancer.  CHH provides equine assisted activities to participants year round through our mission: Making a difference for everyone in need; for body, mind, and spirit through God and horses.

Horses help us understand our struggles and give us the emotional and physical support we need to overcome challenges.  Horses also have a way of bringing people together.

Windy Way Horses has been a big part of the surrounding community, through basic riding lessons, therapeutic riding lessons, exercise class on horseback, trail riding, and even Painting Ponies Paint nights on horses!  We have strives to make a difference in every interaction and every activity that our horses can provide.  We have great testimonials on their effects on social anxieties, complex anxieties, disabilities, and overall quality of life for horse lovers and enthusiasts!  We want to extend our programs to help fighters, survivors, and families to make valuable memories, help strengthen the processes with overcoming, awareness, and quality of life for each individual.  Let our horses help you with their kindness for courage, persistence for perseverance, and love to strengthen your soul!

CHH strives to make a positive experience with animals for all of our participants!  Learn how animals can help overcome!

*Riding Lessons
*  Horsemanship classes
*  Visits to nursing homes, adult day cares and other centers
* Western Dressage Therapeutic Riding 
*  Work program for individuals with disabilities
*  Special events catered to different needs

Want to become a participant?

Want to become a participant? 
Great! The first step is to Contact Annie Trice (443-205-3429 or ) to set up a MEET AND GREET appointment.  We can then give you a brief tour, discuss our program and give you the needed paperwork to start!


Private Lesson: $50
Group Lesson: $35
Horsemanship Classes - Quoted


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